The Cause

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is people working together for a common cause. We are volunteers, individuals living with kidney disease, donors, and staff members – from all walks of life, all across Canada.Since its creation in 1964, The Kidney Foundation has helped millions of Canadians suffering from kidney failure and related disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
Kidney health, and improved lives for all people affected by kidney disease.
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is the national volunteer organization committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease through:
  • Funding and stimulating innovative research;
  • Providing education and support;
  • Promoting access to high quality healthcare;
  • Increasing public awareness and commitment to advancing kidney health and organ donation┬áSince 1964, our fundraising campaigns have allowed us to contribute millions of dollars to research, and to provide services to individuals living with chronic kidney disease and related conditions.

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